Centre for Global Responsibility   e.V.





..... our everyday Goals



search for the newest / best technologies

work for generation of Business Plans and Feasibility Studies

optimization of solutions for specific projects

evaluation of Inventions

work with potential Sponsors and Investors.

work with Governments, Companies and Individuals

work on innovations, funding of projects, development of JV’s etc

assembling of the CGR Team of Experts of different disciplines

permanent adjustment of CGR’s strategy to global needs.




S t a t e m e n t



    Innovative Solutions  ..... to change Global Realities

I spend 15 years for professional volunteer work dedicated on evaluation of achievements and discoveries in different fields of Technologies.

I’m inspired by human creativity and its potential positive influence on life of people and harmony of nature

There is a huge amount of inventions which by different reasons are waiting of their implementation and use.

These discoveries are real and capable to provide all necessary sources for stable life and further development of humanity.

My personal mission and professional responsibility is to bring to use the most advanced technologies and solutions capable to serve people and the nature.

I’m proud to attract international sponsors and investors interested to support CGR’s mission and practical work and to fund the most priority social innovations, their implementation and use

I’m working to define the best innovative solutions and the most advanced CGR partners capable to assist human development based on real responsibility and Good Will which have to overcome egoism and private priorities on the way to stability and harmony.


G. Heinisch
President / Chairman of CGR e.V